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Ways To Organize Your Fridge And Keep It Clean

May 3

How do you manage to organize and keep your fridge clean?  The answer lies right here. It will only take you to scroll down this article to  get equipped with in-depth tips on not only organizing but also keeping your fridge clean.

Now, how do you organize your fridge?

Basket your fridge items

Use well labelled bins, each for designated food items e.g meats, snacks. Bins are plastic made hence easy to clean. You better laminate the labels to avoid wear and tear especially during cleaning. Keeping your things in baskets will make it easier to slide them in and out and you will no longer be struggling to dig past bags of peas for a container of ice in your freezer!

Label your fridge doors

You can also incorporate a door labelling system to keep your items organized by type, with an appropriate label on the door of the refrigerator shelf. It won't give you a headache telling what item should go where.

Consider your fridge space

The fridge space maximization is a key factor you should always keep in mind whenever you think of organizing your fridge. In case of container items, arrange them in groups of similar-size containers to save on space. Don't forget to label them, lest you mix up the ingredients.

Some food products do not necessarily need chilling

For example, tomatoes and avocadoes - Simply leave them out. They'll only be crowding your fridge as they don’t need to be refrigerated

Use glass jars for staples you use frequently

Put your most commonly used items in sealed glass jars and set them atop your fridge. It will keep them in your reach while freeing up the space within for the less often used items.

Also, you can exploit the niche of the unused wall space near your fridge to mount a spice crack for your spice jars

Other than spacing the fridge, won't it make your grocery list preparation even easier? Still, you can declutter your fridge by squeezing an unfitted supplemental storage shelving unit next to your fridge and let it boost your kitchen storage.

Use a File Clip to hold your wine bottles and beers

This will help to keep the jars and bottles from rolling and getting disorganized in the fridge space.

Shelf your fridge with magazine holders

They do a great job freeing the fridge while creating orderly stake-like shelves. It is also an added advantage of multi using your assets, you know.

Code your items by colour

You can use a red box to keep the things you know are expiring soon in the fridge. If that's not brilliant enough to you, you can still name a box, “Hey, Me First!", and keep in the likely-to-expire-soon items.

If you have never employed such 'how to organize your fridge' hacks, try them and see how you will have the urge to get everyone in, just to have a look at your descent fridge!

Cleaning your fridge

Okay, now you have your fridge organized. But is it necessarily clean? Not really. Let's clean it and keep it clean right away;

1.       Your fridge shelves can be hard to clean; line them with easy to clean mats. However, you will still have to be quick wiping up the food spills before they dry up to untidiness.

2.       Keep on the bottom shelf those items that drip; if kept above, the drips will end up contaminating the food below.

3.       Use plastic wraps or films to have your shelves covered so that in case of spills, you simply peel it off. No one loves hard cleaning.

4.       Keep your milk (dairy products) out door; milk will go bad faster in door due to the temperature fluctuations, and I hope you know what that will lead to.

5.       Think of your leftovers; you can use a dry erase marker to label them on your fridge door.

6.       Use a bacon saver for products such as gross juices and cold cuts which leak out and to which rewrapping is inconvenient. Avoid slicing food long before its consumption. Quick spoilage and odor are the likely results

7.       Nothing ever disgusts more than a fridge’s odor. Get a bottle of activated carbon to absorb odors and your fridge will smell fresh.

8.       Eggs are delicate and can crash upon the slightest mishandling. A crashed egg in my fridge! That's the last thing I would need. Find them an egg holder.

9.       Avoid mixing products; don't put meat and vegetables together. Hate contamination.

10.   Don’t overstock your fridge . Lack of ventilation leads to spoilage.

With these tips, you will have your fridge organized and kept clean with minimal effort!