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Real Estate Investment with One West Hard Money

Mar 25

One West is a private lender which provides hard money loans for wholesalers, cash out refinancing, and more. One West's goal is to provide guidance using years of experience in real estate investing to create partnerships not customers. One West helps you pick and find the best property and connects you with a network of other real estate investors. This community of like minded investors is crucial for kickstarting financial success. 


Along with their hard money loans,  One West is able to provide expertise in all things related to real estate investment including creating an LLC and guaranties. A personal guaranty will help you cover a loan or make other payments by converting some assets into cash while business is slow. These types of guaranties can be incredibly helpful to some especially if you're a startup or an LLC but understanding if it's a good fit for your business is the most important. One West will help you fully understand what kind of assists are best for you and your real estate business. 


One West provides you with all the knowledge you need to start your real estate business and gives you the best options with their Fix and Flip Loans. One West gives fixed rate loans with quick and easy approval without the need for waiting for the traditional bank financing. Fix and Flip loans are a great option, but there are some conditions you must meet to be eligible. Doing the research and acquiring the information about your project is the best way to start the process. After, you'll need to submit an application to your lender with your documentation of all plans, scope of work  and appraisals to inform them of the specifications. These loans let you skip the wait with Traditional banks and get to working on your project as soon as possible. 


Overall, One West is an experienced hard money lender who gives you the information needed to make the best decisions about your personal journey. They provide their guidance and get you through the paper work and onto your project feeling confident and ready to take on your real estate. 

One West Hard Money Lender St. Louis

12225 Clayton Rd, St. Louis, MO 63131

(314) 932-1445